Saturday 16 April 2011


T.P. McKenna

 ~ 1929-2011 ~

"As an actor he was unique, as a friend and colleague he was exceptional, as a father he was irreplaceable."

This website is dedicated to the life and career of the celebrated Irish actor, T.P. McKenna.

Spanning a fifty year period as a star of stage, screen and radio, the pages that follow chart his progress from a small Irish village to the world stage through press cuttings, reviews, live excerpts and recordings.

Commenced in August 2010 the site is in progess and new content is being added all the time.  Please, do pop back from time to time and feel free to let us know how we're coming along.

Stephen McKenna (Site Editor)


  1. Sorry to hear of the death of TP. His name on the cast list was always a guarantee of something worth watching.

  2. Whenever I saw the name T.P. McKenna on a television drama
    I knew it was something that must be watched. His presence
    on the small screens of the time was bigger than the largest plasmas
    of today. He was an actor and performer par excellence.

    Keith Nolan

  3. My Dad was about the same age as Mr McKenna, he also died recently. I thought of the long past when I use to watch Mr McKenna on the TV (usually in something very exciting) , then my Dad came in from work with his stories.If my Dad was in the same lift as Mr Mckenna this month (hopefully going up?)then he certainly would have an interesting co passenger to talk to.

  4. So sorry to hear of the passing of Mr McKenna. A great actor - deepest sympathy to his family.

  5. Patricia & Dave Carlson (American friends of Rafe & Karin..TP McKenna leaves a grand legacy in his children & grandchildren; the best a man can have.

  6. My late Father was related to T.P through his mother who was a mcKenna.I will always remember dad pointing at the television screen with great pride and saying to us kids "theres me cousin the actor".The end of an era sadly.

  7. marion o'driscoll19 February 2011 at 10:40

    You were such a star TP..I was taken to the Abbey as child and there you were on stage with cloak and spear...Cuchulainny and gorgeous. Little did I know that years later your baby brother would marry my sister and that we would share a glorious godson who is very like you.What fun and glamour you brought to our lives.I will miss you always. My sincere sympathy to Sally and the boys... MARION O'DRISCOLL

  8. Growing up in Cavan we took great pride in TP McKenna , my late mother told me with great pride we were distantly related to him , but it wasnt that alone that attracted me to watch his preformances on TV, it was his genius . He was particulary good in Period Drama. as they would say in his native county "may God be good to him " and sure what else could he want.

  9. I listened to an episode of Ballylennon last night and was disappointed not to hear TP as Fonzie Doherty. Rest in peace Sir ♡
    AW, Scotland

    1. Thanks for that AW. TP greatly enjoyed his regular visits to Belfast to record the episodes of Christopher Fitzsimon's Ballylennon, however, his health and energy departed him in his final years and he was simply not up to the trip anymore. Thank you for your very kind message. (Stephen McKenna)